Your Soulmate Won’t Be Bothered By Your Imperfections, Weirdness And Your Overthinking Mind

The right one won`t mind your flaws.  If he is the person destined to spend their life with you won`t be bother by your weirdness.

Your lover, your true love, your soulmate, whatever you call it, they won`t care about your imperfections.

Your kindred heart will accept you for who you are, along with your flaws. They will love your wild side. They will find your untamed side cute. Your different ideas or viewpoints will not be something they would mind or would want to change.  As a matter of fact, your differences will motivate them to change certain aspects of their life.

Your soulmate will not be bothered by your overthinking and loud mind. They will calm down your mind and silence your insecurities.  They will never judge you but understand you instead.  They will comprehend your habit to overanalyze things.  They will understand that you tend to overanalyze everything because you care for them.

Your soulmate will not walk away when you have a fight. They will be ready to confront you and talk to you about any kind of issue you might have.  They won`t be bothered by your breakdowns.  They won`t leave you when you are weak.  They will stand next to you and remind you that the best is yet to come.

Your soulmate will never judge you for being weird.  In fact, they will embrace your weirdness and enjoy your peculiar traits.  Your craziness will complement theirs.  They are going to make you feel comfortable in your own skin.  They will encourage you to be yourself in front of them, without embarrassment and masks.  Most importantly, they will make you laugh.  Simply put, they will make you happy.

Your soulmate will not be scared of the intensity of your love. In other words, they will not be afraid or feel overwhelmed by your affection.  As a matter of fact, they will love your small acts of love. They will enjoy your company and the way you treat them.  The way you spoil them and make them happiest. They will never need a break from you…. They will be simply excited to spend their life with you!

And, most importantly, the right person will never leave you, lie to you, or hurt you.  They are going to take care of you and your soul the way they take care of themselves.