You Know What’s Sexy? A Real Conversation

There are so many different types of conversation people can have, aren’t they? You have small talk, then you have light hearted conversations, talks about things like school or work, and more.

But, do you know which one is the sexiest of them all? Sincerity is the key! It`s real, genuine, frank conversations.

A person doesn’t engage in real conversation on a daily basis. In fact, a real conversation is a quite rare thing to take part in.  Most conversations, such as the ones outlined in the very beginning, tend to follow some format.  They deal with unimportant things, such as the weather or a project coming up. In other words, these conversations are in an essence an exchange of information.

On the flip side, real conversations are much deeper.  It`s not a game played with words.  It`s something more than that! In a real conversation, the participants aren’t hiding anything.  They play with open cards.

It`s obvious that real conversations require full attention.  Why? Because each person is opening up.  Their guards are let down and they are opened up entirely.  Everything that we tend to do in order to ‘protect ourselves’ isn’t part of a real conversation.

Therefore, having a real talk also requires much care.  The person you are having a conversation with is baring everything. They are honest with you and aren’t hiding anything, so the conversation needs to be gently handled and cared for.

In a real conversation, you can be you, and that’s great!

Whether you are going to agree or not, it`s a fact that we all want to be someone else, at some level.  We are constantly wanting and pursuing more, trying to create a better version of ourselves.  This reflects in other aspects as well, such as the way we talk, work, and socialize with people.

The good thing about having a real conversation is that in such a conversation you can be your real self! This is not surprising though, as real conversations are all about opening up entirely.  It`s about being the person you really are.

There isn’t a right or wrong way to do it… It can be done in any format, online, over the phone, or over text message.  But, there is an important piece missing that you cannot get from texting.


Because in a real conversation, all of your senses are engaged.  And engaging the senses is what makes it memorable and sexy!

To sum up, real conversations are a rare thing! Just like infatuation, passionate talks can sometimes be mistaken for real conversations.  But, don’t get mistaken! A real conversation is the sexiest thing of all and there isn’t much else like it!