Women Who Stay Single For A Large Period Of Time End Up The Happiest

Are you single? Do you have a friend who is single for a large period of time, maybe? If yes, you would definitely agree that these women are pitied for not having a partner. Generally speaking, they are portrayed as lonely, unfulfilled, and unhappy.

However, the truth is that relationship status shouldn’t be regarded as any criterion for happiness.


Simply put, single women don’t base their success or happiness on their love life.  Relationship status is not the key here.

Women who stay single for a large period of time aren’t necessarily lonely, unfulfilled, miserable, nor unhappy.

They don’t need a partner in order to feel happy because they already are!

They refuse to obey the modern stereotypes which say that they should feel miserable or less worthy for not having a partner. 

Speaking of the reasons why some women stay single for large period of time, well, there are a lot of them. 

Perhaps they have had a couple of exes who broke their hearts.

Perhaps they aren’t accustomed to the tag of being someone`s girlfriend.

Perhaps they went out on a few dates that proved unsuccessful and never turned into a healthy romantic relationship.

Or, maybe they have decided to remain single as they needed a break from the dating world.

Regardless of the reason, women who remain single for a large period of time end up the happiest! Here is why:

  • They embrace their solitude

These women are completely comfortable with who they are. They have no problem with eating lunch at a restaurant or going shopping by themselves.

  • They don’t feel lonely sleeping alone

They don’t feel bad about not having a partner to share their experiences with.  They are comfortable with their solitude and enjoy spending time alone.

  • They pursue their goals and passions

These women end up the happiest as they have lots of time to focus on themselves and their own needs and passions.  They have the time to see what they truly want and go for it.

  •  They get more connect to their family and friends

They have plenty of free time that they usually choose to spend with their friends, family, and co-workers.  So, they stay close to them, not drift apart as time passes by.

  • They embrace their independence

They are completely capable of taking care of themselves and making a living on their own.  They believe in themselves and their ability to build a happy and enjoyable life.

They end up the happiest as they understand that a partner doesn’t need to be the center of their world.  So, instead of spending their time looking for a guy, they chase the things they want to achieve in life.  They aren’t scare of the idea of staying single as they are simply used to living their lives that way.

And, if they meet someone and decide to get involved with them, it is going to be someone who supports them and encourages them to achieve even more success. 

Someone who is already successful and fulfilled on their own. 

Someone who feels happy that his woman has her own dreams, passions, and plans.

Someone who feels happy when she achieves her goals.

Someone who makes her feel stronger, more fulfilled, and happier than she already is.