Woman Loses Engagement Ring In Garden Finds It 13 Years Later On A Carrot

This article has quite a storyline! The story we are about the present is very interesting, at the very least.  One night, Colleen Daily was preparing dinner and thought that preparing a fresh salad would be nice.  So, she went to the garden, which has been in the family for more than a century, to pick up some veggies.  As a child, the mom of Colleen`s husband would be the one to harvest the salad from just outside the back door.

With her bounty of veggies at the read for salad preparation, Colleen noticed a strange-looking carrot which stuck out from the rest.  Believe it or not, it had a golden ring around it! She showed it to her husband who recognized it right away. He was familiar with the story and knew who the ring belonged to.

Family Secrets

Thirteen years ago, his mom Mary had been doing some gardening and lost her engagement ring.  The only person she told about this was her son.  Not even her husband knew about it!  She had been wearing the ring on her finger since 1951 and knew that he would get mad if she told him.  What she did was buying another ring, just a little smaller, and carrying on with her life.

Years later, the landscape has significantly changed.  Her son and his wife Colleen had taken up the residence and continued carrying on the same traditions.  And, the garden was an important part! On that special day, the garden which nourished this family for decades now, had a pretty much different type of nourishment to offer- food for the soul. Mary`s ring was back!

Family Treasures

It has been about six years since Mary`s husband passed away, leaving this world soon after the pair celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.  Mary says if she had to do over, she would have told him, believing that he would have found the thing funny.

Now that she has it back, she is taking good care of it.  If she is doing some weeding or any other work outside, she always leaves it in a safe place.  This ring really has a great story to tell, and it will not get away from her again.  And, it seems that the ring is truly meant for her, proving that what is meant for you will always find its way and will never really get away from you. It will be somewhere close, ready to get back to you, whenever the right moment comes along.