When You Are Raised By A Strong And Loving Mother, You Become A Tough Woman

When you are raised by a strong and loving woman, you understand that you are the only person in this world who can decide for your wellbeing. You understand that your happiness cannot be shaped by career, relationship status, or friendships.

When you are raised by a strong woman, you know that your life is what YOU make it!

You understand it`s you who has the exclusive right to direct your life. You understand that no one and nothing can define your value.

When you are raised by a strong woman, you know that you are capable of standing up for yourself when someone is trying to hurt you or criticize you. You know how to protect yourself and what is yours and you never let anyone cross the line or exceed your limits.  You know that what you should rely on is your inner strength only. You are taught to deal with anything that life throws at you and make it against all odds, by yourself!

When you are raised by a tough woman, you understand the great importance of self-respect.

You learn to be kind and patient with yourself. You know that you should treat yourself well and with self-respect. And, you know that you shouldn’t let others judge you or make fun of you. You don’t allow others to make you feel weak or insignificant, because you know the importance of self-love and self-care.

When you are raised by a strong woman, you understand the meaning of true love.  You are taught about the importance of commitment, patience, and sacrifice. You understand the process of building and keeping a healthy, loving, and meaningful relationships. And, you know the difference between kind people and fake and selfish ones.

When you are raised by a strong woman, you know that crying isn’t a sign of weakness, because you are fully aware of the fact that even the strongest people feel down sometimes. You have learned that even the most resilient feel helpless sometimes. And, that` s fine.

When you have been raised by a strong and loving mother, you know that believing in yourself is extremely important.

You never give up on your dreams and goals. You work hard to achieve them. And, when you fail, you gather even more strength and courage to move on as failure is something you don’t accept.

When a strong woman has raised you, you know that you are never alone as you always have someone who`s got your back.  A person who will sit next to you at all times. A person who believes in you and loves you endlessly, unconditionally, and selflessly.

When you are raised by a strong and loving mother, you have a role model by your side. She is your strength, best friend, and inspiration. Having such a woman in your life makes you into a tough and kind-spirited woman yourself.