We Live in a Society Where People Seem to Have Forgotten the Importance of Physical Touch

It seems like we have all forgotten the importance of physical touch, doesn’t it? Whether it is due to bacteria concerns or something else, we have somehow undermined hugging or patting on the back.  Most people simply don’t like being touched, even when it comes to people who are really close to them.

These days, we are used to being distant from people.  We prefer talking over the phone to real, face-to-face contact.  Just think about it. When is the last time you had a coffee with a friend? It was about time to admit that we have become distant… That we have forgotten about the importance of physical touch.

If you don’t think it`s that important, listen to what experts have to say.  They claim that physical touch has quite a potent effect on our mental wellbeing.  Lack of physical touch makes us feel isolated and anxious, eventually leading to depression.  This doesn’t apply to hugging only! Something as simple and gentle as pat on the back can improve your mood instantly!

Human Touch is Critical!

It goes way deeper than that, though.  Physical touch is of utmost importance, regardless of which point of view we are looking it from.  For instance, do you remember when Princess Diana shook the hand of an AIDS patient? She knew how soothing this can be and did it, although she was advised against it. This simple gesture made her human in the eyes of spectators and touched the soul of AIDS patients worldwide.

Still, these days, we have debated about personal boundaries.  Everything has gone too far.  In fact, some people are even afraid to hug their own children, and there are doctors who have been sued for comforting patients with a hug.  Can you believe this?  Touch is being demonized, and we are slowly but surely turning into a heartless society.  After all, it is no wonder why everything is turning bad so fast.

The whole thing has really gone too far. Some people even turn to professional cuddlers to feel a thing.  On one hand, it is okay that some people known the importance of physical touch and offer hugs.  Companies like Cuddle Up To Me retail center have a cuddle menu you can choose from and get some comfort.

In Japan, there are machines that do the same, such as the Tranquility Chair. It has soft arms which wrap around you as you sit, simulating physical touch. While it is nowhere near to human touch, it does work for some people.


We have forgotten the importance of physical touch and it is time to do the things right, at last! So, don’t wait any longer. Go and hug someone you love! Do it more frequently! It will make you both feel good and loved.