We Are Underestimating The Vital Importance Of Physical Touch

Nowadays, people seem to have forgotten the importance of physical touch, and this is turning into an issue that we cannot ignore anymore.

Let`s begin by asking some simple questions. It goes like, how often are you being hugged? How often do you hug? Are you close to others?

For many people, the answers to these questions will reveal how little physical affection they receive and give.  Why? Because our society is going through a crisis of touch, let`s put it that way.

Nowadays, people seem to have forgotten the importance of physical touch, and this is turning into an issue that we cannot ignore anymore.  Our core values are drastically changing!

The world is changing every couple of years.  The pace at which it changes is so fast that we are facing difficulties in keeping up.  One of the major ways that this is happening is through interaction, meaning the way we are communicating with each other.

Years ago, it used to be completely normal to tap a person on the shoulder or their back, to hug, and to be close to others.  Unfortunately, now we have stopped doing these things for some reason.

It is becoming awkward and extremely rare to have any sort of physical connection with people in our surroundings.  Of course, you may hug and kiss your partner or hug your friend if you haven’t seen each other for some time, but this is where it stops.

As strange as it seems, people have started to look upon physical connection as something negative.  We see it as crossing boundaries or being weird and deviant.  Additionally, we are even afraid of people who try to get close to us.

The importance of physical touch

It has been scientifically proven that physical touch is critical to our wellbeing.  It is extremely beneficial for our mental health, it makes us feel loved, and it reduces stress levels.  What`s more, it even lowers blood pressure levels, according to some experts.

Physical touch is also a crucial part of social interactions.  It can bond people together and make us feel less lonely and more accepted. 

Did you know that some people are even spending money on this? They have started paying professionals cuddlers for touching them in order to feel better.

The demonization of physical touch

Unfortunately, our current situation is painful.

Doctors are scared to touch their patients as they fear being called predators.  Foster parents are scared of legal trouble, so they also avoid physical connections.

Teachers are afraid to go near their students.  Many cases have been reported where students have had to put their own bandages after falling and hurting themselves as their teachers are afraid to do that for them.

Many social areas are being affected and countless individuals are paying the price of this crisis.  We are becoming miserable due to something that can be easily changed. 

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