Texting Nightmare: How You Are Killing Your Relationships In 5 Stages

texting robs of the time that could be spent face-to-face. The result? We become socially awkward, which eventually deals to disappointment and misunderstanding.

Did you know that texting can cause a disconnect in even the most committed couples?  Read on to learn more about the stages of ruining your relationships through texting.

Stage 1: The need for attention

Most readers will probably agree that social media has turned us into people in need of attention.  This isn’t surprising, though.  We always have a cellphone or tablet in our hands, allowing us to be connected to people we know at all times, which in turn makes us presume that we have their attention at any time.  While this may be true, it is impossible to keep all interpersonal relationships in a healthy manner at this pace.  And, the problem is that this is the basis upon which miscommunication is built.

Stage 2: Feeling left out

This might seem laughable to some of you, but it`s true that you may tend to feel isolated when you don’t spend as much time as you would like with that said person online.  Why? Because we simply feel sort of entitled to people`s time.  This doesn’t mean that we all have become stalkers, but we do expect more from texting that we can get from it.  And, we are all guilty of doing this at some point and at varying degrees.

Stage 3: You are glued to your phone

This is probably one of the major issues regarding texting. We are being glued to our phones, mostly because we feel a constant need to communicate with or partner or best friends(s).  This affects any relationship, as texting robs of the time that could be spent face-to-face.  The result? We become socially awkward, which eventually deals to disappointment and misunderstanding.

Stage 4: Not intimate enough

Texting frequently takes away from the way we typically communicate with each other, and all of a sudden, we end up thinking why the person isn’t responding right away, why did he/she use a certain emoji, and so on.  This affects communication directly, as we get the sense that we don’t get along with the person well, that they are mad for some reason, and we start thinking about the reason why we may have issues.  And, because of this, it doesn’t feel intimate enough.

Stage 5: Heated arguments over text

Taking into consideration all of the factors above, it`s clear that miscommunication occur in most cases.  It depends on the people involved in the conversation though, but in texting an argument could be started from the most unimportant or trivial things.  Something that might not even be considered an issue now becomes a huge problem.  Some of the most common triggers are the use of specific phrases or wording that are taken out of context.  Because of these factors, heated arguments are more common and they can potentially ruin a relationship.