Teacher Gives Anatomy Lesson In A Full-Body Suit That Maps Out The Human Body In Sharp Detail

There are countless tough jobs out there, but some professions are also misunderstood, which compounds the difficulty. Teaching is undoubtedly one of those difficult, misunderstood jobs.

Teachers have one of the noblest professions, as their role is to share and multiply knowledge and wisdom. They manage different tasks and responsibilities daily, from grabbing their students` attention and presenting the new material in a simple way, to teaching them how to relate the material to familiar concepts and stimulating them to become interested in a way they can use it later on.

But, for some reason, many people still underestimate the difficulty of being a teacher, whether it is because we all went to school or it has to do with the way teaching has been presented in movies.  The fact is that teaching is a lot more difficult than people understand! End of story!

Verónica Duque, from Valladolid in Spain, is a fully dedicated teacher, who really makes sure her students understand the material and stay engaged during the lesson. For instance, she recently gave anatomy lesson in a full-body suit which maps out the human body, making sure the students learn the anatomy in sharp detail.

As she explains, she entered the classroom wearing a full-body suit that mapped out all the body parts, provoking mixed reactions like “confusion, shouts, applause and some covered their eyes.”

“I’ve been teaching for 15 years now. I teach natural and social science, art, as well as English and Spanish. I was surfing the internet when an ad of an AliExpress swimsuit popped up. Knowing how hard it is for kids this young to visualize the disposition of internal organs, I thought it was worth it giving it a try,” she stated.

Michael, her husband, shared the photos on Twitter, with a caption

 “Very proud of this volcano of ideas that I am lucky to have as a woman. Today she explained the human body to her students in a very original way. And the kids freaking out. Great Veronica !!!”

Needless to say, the photo went viral, reaching over 70,5K likes, 14K retweets, and 1.8K comments on Twitter. One person commented that ‘More teachers with that desire to teach are needed’, while another Twitter user pointed out that she had shown ‘total dedication to the profession’.

As Veronica herself explains, this isn’t the first time she is trying to be creative in class. In fact, she always does it, ever since she noticed that the students prefer visual aids to written text or spoken words.

“I decided long ago to use disguises for history lessons. I’m also using cardboard crowns for my students to learn grammatical categories such as nouns, adjectives, and verbs. Different grammar kingdoms, so to say.”