Drinking Wine in Moderation Could Improve Longevity

A study on elderly individuals found a link between drinking alcohol in moderation and increased longevity.

According to a 2007 study on aging and dementia, drinking coffee and alcohol in moderation may help you live longer.

The study was named The 90+ Study and it focused on finding the secret to longer life.  It was done by Dr. Claudia Kawas at the University of California- Irwine and it studied 14,000 men and women over the age of 70, beginning in the 1980s.

The participants were followed for 23 years, taking follow-up surveys about alcohol consumption in 1992 and 1998.

By 2004, the time the study has ended, 11,386 of the participants had passed away. Both female and male participants who drank alcohol experienced decreased mortality compared to non-drinkers.  Specifically, those who consumed moderate amounts of alcohol daily saw a 15 percent decrease in mortality over those who identified as non-drinkers.

In addition, people who started drinking during the study experienced a decreased mortality rate, while those who quit drinking were more likely to diet compared to those who didn’t.

The study concludes that, among senior citizens, drinking moderate amounts of alcohol can increase longevity.  But, it was recommended that those who needed to quit drinking due to any health issue not delay doing so.

How much alcohol should we be drinking to increase longevity? According to a study led by researchers from Harvard, not much.  A drink or two daily can be beneficial, but exceeding that may not.  In fact, excessive alcohol consumption rates increased the risk of diseases like cancer.


The 90+ Study studied participants over the age of 70 and found that those who consumed moderate amounts of wine have an inclination towards living longer than non-drinkers.

Experts and researchers agree that exercise is one of the key factors to living a long and healthy life.  The 90+ study doesn’t suggest that drinking wine is more important than exercise to living longer, but only gives you a permission to have a glass or two of wine occasionally.


Previously, we published an article named “New Research Says Drinking Wine Is More Important Than Exercise For Living Past 90,” suggesting that replacing exercise with drinking wine can increase longevity. This was not a correct description of the study in question, though. What the study suggested is the opposite:  the effect of wine is not bigger than having some exercise.

We apologize to our readers for the misinformation and are thankful to Leadstories for pointing out to our mistake.