This Is How To Stop Headaches In 5 Minutes Without Medication!

This Is How To Stop Headaches In 5 Minutes Without Medication!

In most cases, the first reaction to a debilitating headache is reaching for a pill bottle. Headaches can be brutal, and they are often accompanied in the neck, ears, sinuses, and the eyes. This is why it is important to kick the pain before it begins to spread.

The next time you feel a headache coming on, try out a natural method to alleviate the headaches. Acupressure is a popular type of massage which has been shown to ease the pressure in the body.  To stimulate acupressure points, find a comfortable position first. Then, massage the pressure point with circular movements.

  1. The Yintang Point

The Yintang, known as the third eye, is situated between the eyebrows. You can find it in the spot where the bridge of the nose passes in the forehead. It works best for relieving pain and fatigue in the eyes.

  1. Zan Zhu Points

These points are situated at the base of the inner edge of the eyebrows.  They are symmetrical and effective at relieving a running noise and improve vision. Massage them for a minute by pressing lighting in circular motions.

  1. Yingxiang Points

These points are situated on both sides of the nostrils. To find them, feel around for a dimple in the bottom of the cheekbones.  The Yingxiang points are aligned with the eyes. Stimulating them helps to open the sinuses, relieve a headache or toothache, and reduce stress.

  1. Tian Zhu Points

The Tian Zhu points are situated behind the head. You can find them between the ears and the beginning of the spine, specifically at the top of your neck. Massaging these points relieves headaches and migraines, as well as pain in the eyes and ears and nasal congestion.

  1. Shuai Gu Points

You can locate these points 2-3 cm from the beginning of the hairline. They are situated in the temple area, near a small dimple. Applying pressure to these points relieves eye fatigue and pain affecting the temporal area.

  1. He Gu Points

The He Gu points are symmetrical points situated on the back of the hand and can be found between the thumb and the forefinger. Massaging, meaning stimulating this area helps relieve back pain, as well as tension in the neck and toothache.

Acupressure should not be used:

  • As the only treatment for illness
  • If you have a heart condition
  • Before or within 20 minutes after heavy exercise, a large meal, or bathing
  • If the point in question is under a varicose vein, mole, cut, wart, abrasion, bruise, or any other break in the skin
  • If you are pregnant, especially if more than 3 months