Social Media Might Be Killing Your Relationship

By exposing yourself and revealing private aspects of your life to online strangers, you might be missing out on genuine people.

Vloggers, bloggers, travelers…We live in a world full of Instagrammers, YouTubers, and people who take a picture of every single moment of their life, doing the impossible to get more likes.

They use social media as a platform where they can show off with the most exciting and interesting parts of their lives.  Honestly speaking, no one wants to reveal themselves in the middle of a crisis or mental breakdown. Everyone wants to expose themselves when things are smooth in order to show how amazing their life is.

What`s more, many people seem to lose sight of where their online life ends.  They find it difficult to differentiate between what`s real and what`s fake.  Many relationships suffer due to this misconception. Opening your heart, soul, and privacy to the online world may seem like a good idea, but the risk of getting lost in the process lingers.

By exposing yourself and revealing private aspects of your life to online strangers, you might be missing out on genuine people.  Ruining a date by posting stories on Instagram could mean losing something worth keeping your phone aside.

You might lose a person who would be caring and loyal to you.  A genuine person that really loves and respects you is worth more than millions of followers.

Nowadays, in a world full of fake people, it is really difficult to find an authentic soul. Therefore, if you are constantly staring at your phone`s screen, you might miss the chance to meet such a trustworthy person.

Stop for a second and think about how much you spend scrolling through your feed.  Just imagine what could be done for all this wasted time.

On the flip side, if you already have a partner, are you really happy when you reveal every detail of your relationship? Isn’t a happy relationship supposed to be private and intimate? You`re really risking it all by revealing emotional and quite delicate aspects of the connection between you two.

There is no doubt that many people do meet on social media, but unfortunately, many part ways because of it.

Speaking of dating, probably the best piece of advice would be to keep it silent.  If you are sure that you are with the right person and they feel the same for you, why would you let other people`s opinion mislead you. Love shouldn’t be a Facebook status! It should be something genuine and intimate.

Enjoying your relationship in privacy will keep it safe and protect it from other people`s envy and cruel judgment too.

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