Scientists Explain 6 Things That Cause Swollen Legs (And How to Fix It)

Whether you call it edema, water retention, or swollen legs, the trouble is the same. This extremely uncomfortable occurrence can be a cause of concern for countless people worldwide.  If you are not sure about what is causing it, you have every right to be concerned about the underlying cause. 

The good news is that science has shown us what causes this to happen, which can greatly ease the problem in the first place.  Here are the six underlying causes of swollen legs and how to fix it:

  • Heart Issues

If you have been dealing with heart troubles or have faced similar concerns, this can be the underlying cause of swollen legs.  If the heart lacks the strength required to pump the blood around the system, the legs (being extremities) will suffer the most.

  • Kidney or Liver issues

Pitting edema is a type of water retention which affects the legs, face, and hands.  It is a result of ether kidney or liver issues and its symptoms are the worst in the morning.  If not properly looked at, pitting edema can cause further complications.  It is very serious condition which may cause protein to leak in the urine and reduce the overall protein levels in the body.

  • PMS or Pregnancy

Water retention is very common during PMS or pregnancy. These two are completely different things, but they are put together as they have a similar fix: parsley tea. To make this drink, chop the leaves of parsley and place into an infusion basket.  Place it in a teapot with boiled water or simply pour boiled water over the chopped components.  Add ginger or lemon to taste.

  • Blood Clots

The risk of developing blood clots increases with age and it often affects women who have been pregnant.   The reason for this problem is the diminished strength in the vein walls inside the legs, causing one-way valves leading to the heart to face damage.

Keeping the legs elevated while sitting, lying down, and sleeping can reduce the swelling. Using support stockings is also a good idea.

  • Lack of Physical Activity

Most swelling problems are caused by circulation problems which happen when you don’t move around enough.  This causes the lower extremities to retain water and experience fluid accumulation.  If you are a couch potato or you have a sitting job, swollen legs could be your body`s way of saying “We need to get moving!”

  • A Bad Diet

Malnutrition is a very common cause of leg swelling, causing fluid retention in the extremities.  It can also occur if you are consuming excess salt with your food, as excess sodium causes the body to retain water.

The easiest way to solve edema caused by malnutrition is to start eating a healthier and more balanced one.