Cupping Therapy: Reasons Everyone Should Try It

Are you a fan of cupping? If you are not familiar with this practice, you will definitely try it for yourself after reading the benefits of this “outdated” medical practice. It seems contrary to our understanding of how medicine works today, but it has been proven to really help heal the sick. There are various types of cupping, and the practice is based on traditional Chinese acupressure.

Cupping is not recommended to try out at home, due to potential risk of infection or injury.  The International Cupping Therapy Association (ICTA) has an international list of trained therapists and you can find a practitioner on their website.

According to this association, cupping can improve your health if you suffer from problems like cold, flu, anxiety, sciatica, muscle pain, arthritis, depression, stretch marks, and even cellulite. Cupping works against the conditions above due to its ability to stimulate deep tissues, relieve inflammation, lessen scar tissue adhesions, stimulate the flow of Qi energy, promote the flow of lymphatic fluid, pull blood supply to the skin, stretch muscles and connective tissues, and increase blood circulation.

Reasons to Try Cupping Today!

Increases Immune System Function: Al-hijamah is an ancient cupping therapy which has been shown to work as ‘may be a promising treatment for increasing immunity of human body, potentiating pharmacological effects of modern drugs and clearing blood from pathological substances causing and related to pathogenesis of many diseases.’ A research has found that cupping helped increase system function by whooping 156 percent when combined with conventional pharmacological treatment.

Reduced Rates of Cardiovascular Disease: As reported by the Egyptian-Arabian study, vascular leg blood clots, heart failure, systolic hypertension, and myocardial ischemia were reduced by the use of cupping therapy.

Decreased Headaches: People miss out on work and social activities due to chronic headaches and migraines. Luckily, cupping helps improve the health of those suffering from debilitating headache pain.

A research between the Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences in Iran and the University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA studied wet cupping therapy as a remedy for headaches. It was found that for patients who tried the therapy three times after a 28-day period, ‘headache severity decreased by 66% following wet-cupping treatment. Treated patients also experienced the equivalent of 12.6 fewer days of headache per month. We conclude that wet-cupping leads to clinical relevant benefits for primary care patients with headache.’

Viral and Bacterial Illnesses Defenses Improve: Acne, dermatitis, cellulitis, viral hepatitis, herpes, and influenza are all health problems which can be improved with cupping therapy. Cupping works on multiple systems at once, making it perfect for improving overall health.  For instance, in the neurological system, dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin are all released during therapy. In the immune system, temporary skin irritation activates immune function, increasing flow of lymphatic fluid, interferons, and tumor necrotizing factor.

Reduces Chronic Pain: A study has found that chronic pain was significantly reduced by the use of cupping therapy.  The severity of pain which was reported by patients decreased by 34 percent within a month of treatment with cupping, 40 percent within two months, and 59 percent within three months of therapy.