The Quickest And Safest Way To Balance Blood Sugar And Start Reversing Diabetes

The Quickest And Safest Way To Balance Blood Sugar And Start Reversing Diabetes

In this article, we are going to talk about type II diabetes.

The chances are you or someone close has personal experience with this condition.

It can be extremely uncomfortable, frustrating, and painful.

In addition, diabetes is a precursor to more serious health issues like strokes, blindness, amputations, heart attacks, and infertility.

But, you don’t have to suffer forever and you don’t have to suffer alone.

At this point, you probably already know that there are many superfoods available which are known for their ability to attack and support the root cause of so many different ailments. Here are some of the best superfoods to help you feel better and start your journey to a healthier you:

  1. Moringa Leaf

Moringa has more than 200 different names! Historically, it was highly valued by the Romans, Egyptians, and the Greeks.  According to a study conducted at the University of Allahabad in India, Moringa was effective in lowering blood sugar levels by 26.7 and 29.9%!

  1. Raspberries

Blueberries contain natural sugar which doesn’t need insulin to be metabolized, which makes them ideal for diabetics. They can be used in various ways and are packed in fiber, with only 15 grams of carb per cup of berries.

  1. Blueberries

Blueberries contain pterostilbene, a potent compound which has been found to naturally decrease body fat, which in turn lowers the risk of diabetes.  In addition, it has been shown to protect cells in the pancreas responsible for insulin production.

  1. Monk Fruit

This natural sweetener is 170 times sweeter than traditional sugar! It has been shown to lower blood sugar levels and it also helps with triglycerides, cholesterol, and overall kidney and liver function, which is critical for diabetics.

  1. Flax Seeds

According to a study done by several universities in India, flax seeds help diabetics regulate blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Additionally, other research has found that flax seeds improve insulin resistance and sensitivity.  You can add them in smoothies, use them to make crackers, or sprinkle them on salads.

  1. Almonds

Almonds are abundant in nutrients that help that brain, cholesterol and blood sugar balance. It has been scientifically shown that regular consumption of almonds before a meal can help reduce post-meal glucose levels by up to 30 percent.

  1. Bitter Melon

Bitter melon contains three active substances which help with diabetes, including vicine, polypeptide-p, and charantin. Regular intake of this vegetable-fruit has been found to reduce blood glucose levels in an all-natural way.

  1. Broccoli

Broccoli contains sulforaphane,  a compound which improves blood sugar control,  triggers anti-inflammatory reactions in the body, and protects against cardiovascular damage.