My biggest fear

Have you ever noticed that confident people possess that quality of being mysteriously and powerfully attractive? They just have the thing! There is something they talk, walk, and act with which gives them an edge! Simply put, they have an allure. And, this allure helps the go on dates, get a promotion, and live a happy and fulfilling life.

What is that allure?

Confident people act differently than the rest of us. They are energetic, charismatic, and their words strengthen their focus on life. This allure is a result of their actions!

What is that a confident individual does that others don’t that sets them apart?

Simply, they avoid these mistakes:

  • They don’t use “um”.

You will probably agree that a person who uses um in every other sentence seems as if they don’t know what they are talking about.   Removing the “um” is a great way to show your confidence and your ability to explain your point.

  • They don’t listen to speak, they listen to hear

Confidence has nothing to do with a person who says something to interrupt the other.  It comes from the other person, the one who listens and provides a comment which shows their intellect.

  • They stay open to new experiences

Confident people say yes to new experiences as they know how much a “yes” can change in their life.   And, the best thing you can do for yourself and your happiness is to make saying “yes” a habit.  Why? Because maybe saying no a party may mean that you just refused to meet the person who could have offered you your dream job.

  • They don’t watch hours of Netflix

Confident people don’t spend their time at home, watching actors live out their dreams.  What they do instead is going out and living their own dreams!  Taking action cannot be done in bed.

  • They don’t put a ceiling on their success

Confident people are fully aware of their potential, so there is no such thing as a ceiling for them.  They are continuously pushing their relationships, lifestyles, and careers.

  • They don’t stay quiet

Confident people don’t stay quiet.  For instance, the most confident person in the line at the café or in the bank is the one who starts talking to the person behind or in front of them.  This is how they are.  Simply, confidence means having no fear to talk with a stranger.

  • They don’t stand still

Have you ever met a person who wakes up early in the morning to run who is unsuccessful? People with enough integrity prioritize their health and mental state!

  • They embrace failure

Failure is nonexistent for confident people. They embrace it and fall in love with the act of trying itself.  They know that each failure brings us closer to our wanted outcome.

  • They don’t question their actions

The longer it takes for you to decide about something, the harder it becomes too make it into action.  Confident people are aware of this flaw and take action instantly, without questioning.