Improve Sleep and Reduce Anxiety With The Help of These Plants

Lack of sleep is a global issue and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has spent a little fortune and thousands of hours trying to find the solution.

If you have tried a better mattress, relaxation techniques, medications, and remedies like banana tea, but are still unable to have a good night`s rest, you are at the right place!

Spending time at nature has plenty of benefits, and we are all aware of them. But, is it possible that bringing a little bit of Mother Nature in the bedroom can improve sleep? Definitely YES.  There are numerous benefits to keeping plants indoors, such as improved sleep, improved mood, improved brain function, improved air quality, less anxiety, headache relief, and even illness prevention.

Recently, NASA did a study on plants` cleansing and calming effects on the environment.  Here are the top plants which have been proven to be the most effective for helping you calm and get better sleep.

English Ivy Plant: Classy and easy to grow, English Ivy plant was named number one top air-purifying plant by NASA.  It is especially beneficial for people suffering from breathing problems at night. It has been scientifically proven that having it at home helps to reduce airborne mold by up to 94 percent.  As contaminants in the air are one of the main triggers of allergies and breathing problems, this cheap and simple plant may help to improve the quality of sleep.

Jasmine Plant: This exotic smell has a pleasant smell which has been to improve quality of sleep and productivity and alertness the next day.  Even smelling the plant may help to reduce stress and anxiety.

Snake Plant: Snake plant is quite popular indoor plant, and for a good reason.  It is easy to maintain, and it adds a nice touch of greenery to any room.  More importantly, snake plants improve air quality by filtering oxygen and improving overall atmosphere. According to some studies, having a snake plant in the room helps prevent headaches, respiratory problems, and eye irritation.

Lavender Plant: Lavender, whether in the form of a plant or an essential oil, has been proven to help slow heart rate, improve sleep, reduce anxiety and stress, and even reduce crying in babies.

Aloe Vera Plant: Aloe Vera is a great indoor plant as it provides plenty of benefits and it is very easy to maintain. It was listed as one of NASA`s best air-improving plants and has been shown to emit oxygen.  This is very important because increased oxygen supply at night helps with insomnia and improves overall quality of sleep.

Aloe vera is known as the ‘plant of immortality’ and it can be reproduced and maintained very easily.