Ginger Tea Shown to Naturally Kill Cancer Cells, Dissolve Kidney Stones, Improve Liver Health and More

Ginger Tea Shown to Naturally Kill Cancer Cells, Dissolve Kidney Stones, Improve Liver Health and More

Ginger is undoubtedly one of the most versatile spices you can keep in your kitchen cabinet.  Due to a unique combination of essential oils in the fresh root, cooking this spice in any dish releases an amazing, exotic aroma. As an added bonus, consuming ginger can improve your health! Here is how:

9 Powerful Health Benefits of Ginger You Need to Know       
  1. Ginger Relieves Stress

The aroma of ginger tea is relaxing, which helps soothe nerves, alleviate emotional tension, and provide you with the much-needed peace and calmness amidst your busy day.

  1. Ginger Eases Nausea

Nothing soothes an upset stomach like a cup of ginger tea. Drink it after the onset of nausea to alleviate the symptom. Also, sip some of it before you travel to fight motion sickness.

  1. Ginger Aids Digestion

Aside from relieving nausea, ginger tea is also known to aid in food absorption during digestion.  A cup of warm ginger tea after a meal can also help prevent heartburn and bloating.

  1. Ginger Boosts Immunity

Ginger has potent antifungal, antiparasitic, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties.  Consuming it on a regular basis provides the body with fortifications against virus, disease, and infections.

  1. Ginger Soothes Respiratory Problems

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, ginger is a great remedy for chest congestion caused by asthma and allergies.

  1. Ginger Increases Fertility

Ginger has long been used to increase fertility in men.  Recent studies show that regular intake of ginger may increase sperm count and help treat issues of erectile dysfunction.

  1. Ginger Helps Prevent and Combat Cancer

It has been scientifically shown that ginger slows the growth of cancerous cells, but also combats existing cells to reverse the illness.

  1. Ginger Improves Blood Circulation

Ginger is packed with vitamins, minerals, and amino-acids which promote a healthy cardiovascular system.   They purify the blood and detoxify built-up fats in the arteries which may lead to a stroke.

  1. Ginger Acts as a Natural Pain Killer

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, ginger is ideal for remedying muscle and joint pain and may also help to relieve stomach cramps, aches from cold or flu, and migraine headaches.

Warm Ginger Tea

Drinking warm ginger tea on a daily basis is one of the best keys to health!  The list of health benefits that this beverage provides seems endless.


  • 1-inch piece of ginger
  • 2 cups of water
  • 1-2 slices of lemon


  • Mix the ginger, lemon, and water in a small pot or saucepan on the stove
  • Bring it to boil, with high heat
  • When the tea starts to boil, lower the heat down to a simmer
  • Simmer for about ten minutes
  • Remove the tea from the stove and allow it to cool down
  • Remove the ginger and lemon
  • Pour in a mug and drink up