Do You Talk To Yourself? Here’s Why It Might Mean You’re A Genius

Do You Talk To Yourself? Here’s Why It Might Mean You’re A Genius

Do you talk to yourself? Do you do it frequently? If yes, don’t worry about it. There is no need to wonder if you are going crazy, as it turns out that your brain is working great by using speech to help you process information.  In other words, the next time you catch yourself talking to yourself, you should tell yourself “It’s okay, this just means that I’m a genius!”

Talking to yourself helps memory

According to a study in the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, self-directed speech helps people who are looking for a specific object in a group of items. Saying the name of the object aloud helped participants to find it more accurately than if they didn’t talk to themselves.

This research suggests that talking to yourself helps you process visual information more efficiently.  For instance, think about chess players who have to remember the position of the pieces on the board and plan the next move as well as the possible move of the opponent.  That is plenty of visual information to remember, so taking to themselves does help.

Talking to yourself helps regulate emotions

Talking to yourself is also great at helping you manage your emotions better. Rather than getting angry when something doesn’t go the way you wanted, you can rationalize the reasons that it didn’t work out and look for possible solutions. You might say “OK well that didn’t go the way I wanted it to, but that’s alright because I can try this instead.”

Those who tend t talk to themselves can maintain a positive outlook more easily compared to those who don’t.  This is very important as negative attitudes can cause us to lose faith in ourselves.  Positive people use self-talk as a tool that helps them to overcome the negative outlook!

Talking to yourself helps concentration

Talking to yourself also helps you concentrate and focus on things better.   Self-talk helps you multi-task as well as with maintaining focus on a given task for a sustained period of time.

When you talk to yourself, you have the ability to focus your attention on what has to be done. Your goals become clearer because you talk to yourself while performing a task.  By listening to the sound of your voice, you can mentally remove the distraction surrounding you easier.

How to Start Talking to Yourself

  • Ask yourself questions

Ask yourself about what you are currently doing. Try “Will I be successful?” and then answer yourself, positively with a “Yes, of course I will be successful.

  •  Give yourself encouragement

Try saying “Yes, you’ve got this,” or “That looks great. I knew you could do it!

  •  Block negative self-talk

Avoid saying discouraging things like “I’ll never be able to do this right.”  If you find yourself doing it, say “Stop” back to yourself.

  • Focus on positives

Rather than saying “Don’t mess this up” say “You’ll do just fine” which is more positive language.