Dietitians Explain 5 Things You Need to Know About Losing Weight

Dietitians Explain 5 Things You Need to Know About Losing Weight

Losing weight is a quite challenging and difficult process. People try different tips and tricks and often end up regaining all the lost weight within a couple of months or years.

What is the secret to a healthy and effective weight loss, you may ask? Well, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution which works for everyone the same way.  Here is what dietitians have to say about it:

  • It`s a long-term commitment

Losing weight is a long-term commitment, taking a lot of discipline, devotion, and positive thinking. Once you start to implement healthier habits, you have to keep them up for a long time. According to Lauren Slayton, a dietician, book author, MS, and RD, there isn’t a “maintenance” phase of weight loss. There is a point where you reach the desired weight but need to work on keeping it.

You have to maintain your healthy habits after hitting the weight goal.  It is very important that your eating habits and exercise routines fit your lifestyle. Don’t opt for something impossible to keep up.

But, everything becomes easier after a certain point. Your unhealthy cravings will lessen and you will reap many benefits, such as better skin, increased energy levels, reduced risk of heart disease, sharper focus and concentration, and more.

  • Detox is unnecessary

Detox has been long touted as a weight loss miracle which works by cleansing the body. However, what these cleanses do is putting the body into starvation mode. This is why you are likely to return the few pounds you had lost after stopping the detox cleanse.

Continuing the cleanse for an extended period of time does more harm than good, as it leads to malnutrition and heavy levels of fatigue. Additionally, most detox diets can be detrimental, particularly for those with pre-existing medical problems.

The kind of “detox” you should do isn’t a detox at all – it is just healthy eating. Eliminating junk foods and empty calories will truly work wonders for your body.

  • What your drink matters

Most people forget to take into account that their drinks might to high in calories. Alcoholic drinks, juices, and soda can be loaded with calories which are the biggest hindrance to losing weight.

Plain water is the best drink you can opt for, but if you are craving something more flavorful, seltzer and fat-free varieties of milk are also good options. They are low in calories and good for your body. Also, you can add some fruit to your water for a tastier beverage.

  • Drink a glass before a meal to restrict your portions
  • Just 16 oz. of “sky juice” half an hour before lunch/dinner is a good way to help you feel satisfied
  • Water increases the rate at which you burn calories
  • Just ten minutes after a glass of water, the amount of energy you expend jumps up to 30 percent for a whole hour!

How much water is enough? Generally, two liters a day will suffice.         

  • Making small changes is okay

If you are one of those people who have a difficulty keeping consistent with their diet, then try going slowly. You will be surprised how small changes can make a great difference. Maybe reduce the sugar you use in drinks, reduce the serving portions by 10 percent, or replace your sweets with fruit.

Losing weight is not a race, so relax and take it at your own pace. Don’t overwork yourself as doing too much can only make you feel miserable.

  • Don’t focus on perfection or comparison

The problem with striving to perfection and comparing yourself to others will only result in disappointment. Everybody`s body is different and it stores/ burns fat differently. There is not any specific type of diet which can work for everyone, so be prepared to try different types before you find the one that fits your body and lifestyle. The truth is that no matter how positive thinking you put into it, you will never look like the influencer or celebrity you compare yourself with.


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