Here Is Why It Is Okay to Cut Ties With Family Members

Family relationships can be quite complicated, whether we want to admit it or not. Most people feel guilty for distancing themselves from a family member, even if this is for their own well-being.  But, as difficult as it is, there are countless reasons that making such a decision can end up being a good choice for both parties involved.

While you cannot choose the family you are born into, you can distance yourself from them if they are toxic.  To keep your sanity, you sometimes need to cut a family member out of your life.

Here are a few reasons why it is okay to distance yourself from a bad family relationship.

Reasons to Cut Toxic Family Members Out of Your Life

They’re manipulative: If you start noticing that your family insults you and treat you well the very next day, this is a sure sign of manipulation. A healthy relationship with your family members should be healthy and being mean to you one day and nice the next one isn’t an option.  If so, the chances are they are manipulating you! This treatment occurs when they notice that you start walking away from them and in order to get you back, they start treating you better.

They gossip about you: If a family member treats your life like a drama series and talks about it with everyone they know, the best would be to never tell them anything again. Even better, you should consider staying away from them entirely. Privacy is something sacred, and if they don’t respect, they don’t deserve your trust and toleration.

They gaslight you: Gaslighting is a manipulative technique used to make you powerless as well as to make you question your own memory and perception.  If you notice your family do something bad, but when they are told about it, they deny it in order to discredit you, you are being gaslighted.  If this happens regularly, cut these people out of your life.

They are only there for you when they need something: When you have a healthy relationship with your family, you will notice that they are there for you at all times.  As a matter of fact, they are quite fast when it comes to jumping in when you need support and help. However, if a family member is there for you only when they need something, you should consider cutting them off of your life.

They judge you: It is quite normal to face a certain form of judgment in your life, given that the world is full of judgmental people.  However, this certainly shouldn’t come from a family member. If it is constructive criticism, it is okay. But if it affects your feelings, self-esteem, and well-being, walk away.