8 Body Parts Most People Don’t Clean Enough

As much as we try to keep our hygiene in check, bacteria still manage to find places to hide.  Wearing clean clothes, brushing the teeth, and having a bath regularly simply isn’t enough. Many body areas are neglected, or not cleaned enough.

8 Body Parts Most People Don’t Clean Enough

  • The Scalp 

Even if you wash your hair regularly, the conventional shampoos are not able to give the scalp the care it requires.  This results in flaking and annoying itching.  Why? The scalp has plenty of sweat glands and given that they are covered by hair, they need daily cleansing.

  • The Feet

Rinse the areas between the toes well as they can accumulate toe jam with time. Applying talcum powder after a shower is also a good idea.  As for the soles of the feet, mix soap and warm water in a basin and soak the feet.

  • The Belly Button

Given that there are a lot of folds in this area, the belly button is a hiding spot for various types of bacteria. This leads to bad smell and potential infections.

Make sure you clean your belly button after every shower and dry it with a towel.   For best results, soak a cotton swab in a soapy water and clean it well with the cotton.

  • The Buttocks

The buttocks are prone to acne, probably even more than the rest of the body. It goes through more stress than the face and it spends plenty of tie covered.  Washing it while having a shower is not enough.   To avoid pimples, consider using antibacterial soap and benzyl peroxide to clean out the follicles and avoid washing the hair before the body to prevent dirt from the head from clogging the pores.

  • The Back

The back is prone to irritation and trapped sweat which can fester if not cleaned due to lying down, resting, and rubbing against different surfaces.

As you cannot reach the back with your arms, the best would be to use a back scrubber or something similar that will help you reach behind you. Scrub it well twice or thrice a week.

  • Behind The Ears

The sebum produced by the glands behind the ears can turn into a breeding ground for bacteria.  Luckily, the cleaning is quite easy.  Wash behind the ears or get a cotton swab and use warm water around the back of the ear.  Pat dry afterwards!

  • The Tongue

The tongue is covered with bumps which can hold and fester with various types of bacteria.  Very often, tooth issues and bad breath stem are result of the tongue being covered with microorganisms. It is recommended to use a tongue scraper to clean out the tongue and brush the teeth regularly.

  • Underneath the Fingernails

No matter how often you wash your hands,  you may still notice grime and dirt trapped underneath your fingernails.

How to wash your hands in a way that actually works?

  • Wet the hands and pour some soap
  • Rub the hands against each other
  • Lather the whole hand and do in-betweens of the fingers, behind the hands, and beneath the fingernails
  • Continue to scrub and soap your hands for around 20 seconds.
  • Rinse well