7 Warning Signs of A Heart Attack Women Should Never Ignore

It is generally believed that men and women experience the same symptoms before a heart attack, but this is far from the truth though.  A 2003 study has proven this to be completely incorrect, and now experts are pretty sure that women`s bodies exhibit different signs than men. Here are some of the major warning signs a of a heart attack women shouldn’t ignore!

  1. Fatigue

More than 70 percent of women feel exhausted during the month lading up to a heart attack.  This fatigue can be so severe that it may interfere with daily, everyday things, such as walking around the home.

Some examples of fatigue you want to watch carefully for:

  • Being unable to get out of bed
  • Tiredness that seems to center around the chest
  • Tiredness that seems worse on the left side of your bod
  • Barely having the energy to talk or move
  • Trouble standing up
  • Exhaustion just from going to the bathroom or kitchen
  • Loss of focus and positive thinking, and overall sharpness

Tiredness can stem from many different things, but even if it isn’t a warning sign of a heart attack, progressive fatigue is not healthy.

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

There are many diseases which have symptoms generally described as flu-like, as many viruses that cause non-fatal flu-like conditions are the immune system trying to fight a disease.  The symptoms are generally harmless, and may include tiredness, aches and pains, nausea, and gastrointestinal issues. Many women experience flu-like symptoms leading up to a heart attack. PAY ATTENTION!

  • Vomiting, Nausea, and Digestive Issues

According to a recent study, two out of three women are positive they had faced upper-abdominal trouble prior to the attack’s onset.  This included problems like stomach discomfort, nausea, indigestion, and stomach pain.  The last two are often overlooked by people who suffer them, but they are often sign of a heart attack.

  • Sweating

This unexpected symptom can be a sign that a heart attack is on the way. It might feel stress-related, as opposed to a sweat you get from being in a hot environment.  These sweats are often accompanied by anxiety and can make you feel nervous.  A sweat accompanied by dizziness, is a symptom that 40 percent of women will have right before a stroke.

  • Odd Chest Sensations

Chest pain is a very common symptom of a heart attack and most people who experience it will ultimately rush to the hospital.   However, the pain may never come in women, but be replaced by odd sensations instead.  The symptoms are described as something like tightness or pressure over the chest.

  • Breathing Issues

Shortness of breath is a common heart attack symptom which happens due to a blockage of the arteries that limits the transport of oxygen around the body.  There are many different ways this sign can manifest itself. Some people may experience random onsets of breath shortness during a minor activity.  Others may have trouble taking deep, long breaths.

  • Upper Body Soreness and Pain

Not all pain is focused in the chest when it comes to heart attack. This type of pain comes from the heart, but it is felt in many different areas.  Some of the types of pain to pay attention to include jaw pain and numbness, pain in the upper back, pain in the shoulders and arms, and neck pain.