7 Signs Your Partner Loves You Unconditionally

The greatest gift that you can give to others is the gift of unconditional love and acceptance.” – Brian Tracy

Falling in love is one of the best things one can experience.  When you are with the person you love, your worldview instantly becomes more positive!

According to Stuart Fensterheim, couple’s expert and author, unconditional love is “so freeing and transformative because it lets you stop trying to change or control your partner. You’re free to work on yourself and find even better ways to live together in joy and love.”

7 Signs Your Partner Loves You Unconditionally

  • They want to grow old with you

How do you know they really mean it, you may ask…?

Well, as Patrick Banks, a dating coach, says: “Do you remember that little tingle you felt in your stomach the first time you saw your significant other? The great thing about being in a relationship that’s meant to last is that this feeling only gets stronger over time. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been together for two years or twenty, when you’re with the person you’re meant to grow old with, you want them as badly each day as you did on the first.”

  • You tell them your secrets

If you tell them your secrets, it means that you really trust them. And, this means that they have been reliable enough for you to do so.  When you tell them all the things you have been embarrassed to tell other people, they don’t look at you strangely or with disgust.  They accept you with all your insecurities and embarrassing secrets and don’t even think about telling anyone about them.

  • They are proud of you, and they tell you

They are proud of you, regardless of your accomplishments, whether big or small. Most importantly, they make sure you know it!

Terri Orbuch, Ph.D., professor at Oakland University and author says, “When people feel recognized as special and appreciated, they’re happier in that relationship and more motivated to make the relationship better and stronger.”

  • They are always chivalrous

When you partner loves you unconditionally, they are always going to make you sure you are happy and comfortable, no matter how long you two have been together.  They will still get the door for you, pull your chair out, unload the groceries, etc.

  • You disagree, but always make up

Having an argument or disagreement is completely normal, and all couples have them.  This isn’t something you can avoid.  However, only those who love each other unconditionally are ready to discuss and communicate in order to reach a compromise or the end of an argument.  In fact, they never worry about an argument as they know that in the end they are going to make up.

  • They are emotionally vulnerable in front of you

Many people have difficulty opening up emotionally.  If your partner is the right person for you, they will have no problem opening up to you and being emotionally vulnerable in your presence.

Showing unconditional love means being vulnerable, authentic and honest. Trusting each other enough to show all of yourself to your partner. To be their safe haven, the one person in all the world that they can be raw with, to invest all of their trust and hope in,” adds Fensterheim.

  • They are protective of you

This means that they are always going to make sure that you are safe.  The will make sure you have a safe ride home, for instance.  If you partner loves you unconditionally, this protectiveness will never go away. They are always going to make sure you are safe and sound!