7 Signs He Is In Love With You, Even if He Doesn’t Say it

It is no secret that men and women show love differently.  Most women say, “I love you,” often, while men show their affection through their actions. Sometimes it can be confusing, but the truth is that men and women think differently. 

Here is a list of 7 sets of behavior which show that he is in love in with you, even if he doesn’t say it!

  • He listens to you

It has been scientifically proven that women are better listeners than men. So, when a man not only hears you but also pays attention and responds accordingly, you can be sure that he does care.

Taking it a next step further, if he acts on your conversations, he is really in love with you!

  • He shows his vulnerability

Generally speaking, men are quite cautious regarding showing any behavior which can be seen as a sign of weakness.   But, when a man is truly in love, he starts to let his guard down.  He becomes more comfortable opening up and letting his feelings to show.  Vulnerability does take time, but if he has shown even a bit of it, he does trust you enough to let his guard down.

  • He sticks up for you

First and for most, it is important to clarify some things.  If he doesn’t stick up for you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he doesn’t love you.  Sometimes the controversy and drama can arise with a friend or a family member.  Most men avoid controversy, but if he does defend you, that might be his way of saying “I love you.

  • He is proud of you

When a man really loves a woman, he isn’t shy when it comes to saying how proud he is of her.  Whether you are a hard worker, a great mother, or achieving your goals, your efforts don’t go unrecognized to the man that is in love.

  • He treats your friends and family with respect

If a man cares for you, he should show you, your family, and friends respect.  While he may not like single one of your family members or friends, he will keep his opinion as he knows that they mean to you a lot.  Crating a good relationship with them is a way of showing you he loves you, without saying it.

  • He isn’t afraid to make sacrifices for you

Making sacrifices for others is easier to do when it is done for someone we care about.  It takes love, maturity, and selflessness to do it.

If your partner is willing to make sacrifices for your happiness, that is his way of saying, “I love you”, without actually saying it.

  • He loves how you look on your bad days

Many people do all they can to look their very best during the early dates.  However, once the relationship spawns, comfort levels increase and our need to impress declines.  

But, when a man loves a woman, he thinks she is beautiful no matter what she looks like.  So, if he tells you that you are beautiful on a bad day or when you feel like a mess, take it as a sign of love.