6 Signs Of A Stroke People Often Ignore

Did you know that stroke is ranked as the 5th cause of death in the U.S? It can happen to anyone, and if it doesn’t end up fatally, it may cause serious mental and physical damage.  The good news is that it is completely preventable with keeping your weight in check, exercising regularly, and watching your salt intake.  Learning to recognize the signs can also go a long way in preventing stroke from happening.

6 Signs Of A Stroke People Often Ignore

  1. Bad Headache/ Migraine

Although most people who have head a stroke report it being completely painless, strokes which involve internal bleeding may cause migraines.  If you experience a debilitating headache or a migraine, and you don’t have a history of migraines, have it checked up.

  • Difficulty Thinking

During a stroke, a part of the brain is being ripped of oxygen and it causes inability to think straight and focus.  If you have difficulty expressing yourself or don’t understand what others are saying to you, the chances are you are in the middle of a stroke.

  • Slurred Speech and Dizziness

When one side of the brain is affected by a stroke, it interferes with speech and balance. If you are having trouble speaking or one side of your mouth droops, it could indicate that the part of your brain that is responsible for speech could be suffering from a lack of blood as a result of stroke.  If you experience slurred speech or severe dizziness, see a doctor.

  • Fatigue

The body is a balance of hormones, chemicals, and water content. When this balance is disrupted, symptoms of fatigue tend to arise.  The system in the body which regulates hormones is managed by the brain, and when a stroke happens, the brain is being damaged by a loss of blood.  Consequently, it can result to lack of energy and severe fatigue.  If you feel suddenly lethargic for no apparent reason, see a doctor.

  • Vision Problems in One Eye

When the brain is affected by a stroke, problems in one eye are very common. As both eyes need to be focused on the same point to have normal vision, if one eyes is off due to stroke, it will result in double vision.  People often tend to dismiss this as being tired, working on the PC too much, or reading too much.  However, change in vision in one eye could definitely point to a stroke.

  • Numbness or Weakness in One Arm

Just like double vision above, a stroke affects one side of the body depending on where the bleeding or blockage is happening within the brain. A sudden numbness or weakness in one arm/ leg which persists for more than couple of minutes could be a sign of something more serious or a stroke.