5 Crucial Things That Distinguish True Love From Mere Attachment

How to tell whether you are truly in love with your partner or attached to them? Luckily, the explanations below will help you in taking care of your relationship or creating one based on true love.

  • Love is passionate, attachment is indifferent

You have probably heard people saying that the closest thing to love is hate, which is the reason why after breaking up with someone, all the love turns into passionate and raging hate.

On the other hand, this stage doesn’t happen when you are attached to someone. You may become a little anxious or irritated, but the feelings never transform in something as strong as hate.

  • Love is not bound by the constraints of time; attachment is an hourglass

When you are truly in love, that person will always be the love of your life, no matter what. On the other hand, attachment is like an hourglass and it is always on standby. As soon as one of you finds their special person, that attachment will fall off. Real love, on the flip side, stays forever.

  • Love gives you power, while attachment is only about power

Real love gives you an unexplainable strength, making you feel like you can do anything. It pretty much gives you wings, sense of freedom, and rejuvenating energy. Simply put, you feel alive and ready to face anything that comes along the way.

  • Love is freeing, while attachment is possessive

When you truly love someone, you don’t need them constantly around. You don’t need to be next to each other to understand how they feel. And, you have absolutely no reason to be jealous or to wonder about their feelings.

On the flip side, in the case of a simple attachment, you want them to be close all the time because being together is the only time you feel safe. When you aren’t next to each other, you cannot help but wonder what they are doing.

  • Love is selfless, while attachment is selfish

When you are deeply in love, you exist for that person. You put your own needs behind and put theirs first. You`ve been there. You know the feeling.

When it is attachment, on the other hand, you only want them to stay close to you. You aren’t looking out for them but looking out for yourself. For instance, you buy them training shoes so that you no longer hit the gym alone. It is a little bit about you, isn’t it?