Effective Anger Management Strategies to Calm Yourself Down Easily

We all experience anger to various degrees, occasionally. Maybe it is when a co-worker refuses to work, a family member starts a conflict, or a random person cuts you off in traffic. In these and similar cases, the temptation to stay calm is overwhelming. If a strong surge of anger emerges, the best would be to accept it and handle it. And, this brings us to the focus of this article- effective anger management. Read on to learn more about the most effective anger management tricks to tame your temper.

Cognitive restructuring: Angry people usually curse, swear, and act strangely when faced up with a stressor. The problem with such behavior is that it does nothing but fuel bitter emotions and make it impossible to come up with a potential solution. Cognitive restructuring is an effective method which changes the way we think.  It works for anger management as it changes negative thoughts, the ones that are dramatized and exaggerated when we are angry.

Improving Your Listening Skills: Improving your listening skills may seem like a pretty much irrelevant solution but read on. Namely, when we are active listeners, we improve the communication between the other person and us right away. This helps build trust, which then helps lessen potentially negative thoughts and emotions.

Showing to another that you are really listening achieves three things: 1) it shows that you truly care, 2) it shows that the other person`s thoughts count, and 3) it sets up or reinforces feelings of empathy.

Forgive and Forget: Forgiveness is the most potent antidote to anger. Letting anger and similar negative emotions to disrupt daily life eventually leads to nothing but more anger, pessimism, and bitterness.

If you manage to forgive a person who made you angry, you will both learn an important lesson. You will learn that nobody can shape your state of mind.  For the other person involved, the tolerance you show will remind them of the importance of staying true to one`s word.

Find a Possible Outlet: Instead of focusing on what made you angry, make an effort to solve the problem.  Is your family member or a friend doing something that annoys you? Talk to them and set some boundaries. Is your child`s ever-changing behavior getting on your nerves? Find something to keep them busy.

It is important to understand that uncheck anger doesn’t resolve anything. As a matter of fact, the result is much worse, in most cases.  Inhale, maintain self-discipline, and think of a possible solution.

Practice Relaxation:  Relaxation techniques like relaxing imagery and deep breathing can go a long way in taming your temper.  Exercises like meditation, yoga, and tai-chi are very helpful, as they promote full-body-and-mind relaxation.  Visualize something that provokes relaxation, either from experience or imagination. And, repeating reassuring words like “take it easy” and “I’m in control,” can also help.