3 Ways to Handle Disturbingly Negative Thoughts

Positive thinking resources are extremely important, helping us to remain on the positive side of the mental equation.

As for negativity, it is worth mentioning that it starts in the mind, manifesting spontaneously and often in a disturbing way. For instance, you may be sitting with your partner and enjoying a delicious meal.  Out of the blue, a thought pops in the head: He is stupid.  You two don’t belong together. 

Negativity has a tremendous impact on the overall well-being, and we often feel helpless to do anything about it.  Don’t worry though! There are ways to effectively manage the negative aspects of your mind.

3 Ways to Handle Disturbingly Negative Thoughts

  • Realize that impulsive, critical, and even blatantly negative thoughts are … normal

These thoughts aren’t socially acceptable, so most people decide to ignore them and never admit that they do have them. However, the truth is that even the nicest, well-adjusted, successful, and reserved people have darker version of themselves.

This is absolutely normal!  Everyone can have an impulsive or critical thought once in a while, but this doesn’t make them bad people.  If you are aware of your disturbing thoughts, congrats! You aren’t alone.  You are in the company of any other human being.

  • Thoughts are only thoughts, and that is all they will ever be

What is a thought in the first place?  Well, a thought is a tiny secretion of neurotransmitter.  According to some estimates, there are thousands of them per hour, although they cannot be quantified as the brain never rests.

Most people tend to give the negative thoughts all the weight and ignore the positive.  These are your negative attachments at work.  These attachments are extremely powerful, and everyone should be aware of them.

Bottom line, thoughts are only thoughts.  They are neither bad or good.  They have the significance that you choose to give them.

  • There is a solution

It isn’t a magical solution, though. You are an ordinary person; vulnerable and imperfect.   Therefore, if you want to address deeper issues, achieving a purer state of mind will take plenty of time.  You will not get there by fighting each thought, because this will only set you up for war within your mind.  You get there by dealing with your deeper problems.

What is the deeper issue behind your negative thoughts? You need to identify it! Name the issue and face it.   Then, you will have your work cut for you. It is all in your hands.  The key to achieving a purer and more relaxed state of mind lies in identifying the reason for your negative thoughts and facing it.  This is far better path than remaining the mercy of your demons.