15 Signs of a Gifted Child

How would you define giftedness? According to the National Association for Gifted Children, giftedness is an “ability … significantly above the normal for [a child’s] age.” A child may be gifted in one or more areas, such as leadership, creative, artistic, intellectual, or an academic field like science, mathematics, or language arts.

Gifted children already know nearly 60 % of all kindergarten material on the very first day of class.” – The National Association for Gifted Children.

There are plenty of other areas of intelligence than the ones listed above.  Dr. Howard Gartner, a Harvard Professor, proposes 8 abilities which can be seen as elements of human intellects. They are as follows:

  • Visual-spatial
  • Verbal-linguistic
  • Naturalistic
  • Musical-rhythmic
  • Logical-mathematical
  • Interpersonal
  • Intrapersonal
  • Bodily-kinesthetic

15 Signs of a Gifted Child

  • They sound like a professor

Gifted children are more knowledgeable than the average, particularly when it comes to language skills.  Speaking in complex sentences and an extensive vocabulary are some of the ways that a child may show these skills.

  • They identify patterns

Pattern identification, such as what time of the day mom and dad come home or solving a jigsaw puzzle isn’t something too common in little ones, unless your child is gifted!

  • They are insatiable readers

Gifted kids are extremely curious.  To satisfy their curiosity, they will read every book they can get!

  • They think learning is fun

Gifted children love learning so much!  Due to their love of learning and their advanced intelligence, the child may seem different from his/ her peers.

  • They underactive

Although highly intelligent, gifted children spend their time and energy on things of interest. Underachievement for gifted kids is typically due to carelessness, frustration, short attention span, and boredom.

  • They love nature

Most gifted kids, particularly those with artistic intelligence, love nature and its sights and sounds.  Their curiosity is on full display when out in nature.

  • They need some “me-time”

Gifted children love socializing, just like other kids. However, spending time alone with their thoughts allows them to exercise their creativity.  They enjoy activities like drawing, reading, and writing.

  • They have excellent focus

Gifted kids have great ability to focus on the things that interests them.  However, they may lose this ability in a boring classroom, so they are often said to have poor focus in a typical classroom setting.

  • They are mature

Gifted children are quite mature for their age, so you may rarely see them pulling pranks or getting into (too much) mischief.

  • They are original

Did you know that being gifted and problem-solving often go together?  These kids have a different approach to problems, but they are also more likely to offer up tips on how to improve something.

  • They are leaders

They to their great problem-solving skills and their maturity, gifted kids show a great aptitude for leadership.

  • They don’t need directions

Unlike other kids who ask plenty of questions or wait for their parent/ teacher to show them how to get something done, gifted kids don’t need any directions and jump right into it.

  • They`re high energy

Gifted kids seem to be in perpetual movement! Have you ever noticed that they speak faster?  The reason for this is that they are trying to get their words to catch up with their thoughts.

  • They are incredibly talented at something

Many kids are natural at thing like art or sports, but extreme talent is surely a sign of gifted intelligence.

  • They like the company of older kids

Due to their advanced intelligence, gifted kids have trouble relating to their peers.  They may be bored or misunderstood.  Therefore, they may seek out for older kids and adults for stimulation.