15- Minute Workout That Melts Fat and Strengthens the Body

People these days need a time-efficient way to exercise as they have tight schedules and are constantly pressed for time. Luckily, IT IS possible to get an effective workout which doesn’t involve spending hours at the gym.

This article discuses a routine which will help you get stronger and slimmer in less than 15 minutes, without going to the gym and using weights.


Perform the routine three times weekly, doing each exercise for 40 second and resting for 10 seconds.  Do your best to maintain form during each movement.

  • Bicycle Scissor Kick

Lie on the back with the legs straight and the fingertips behind the head.  Raise the left leg over the hips as you raise the right shoulder and rotate the elbow towards the knee.  Then, lower the left leg as you raise the right leg and rotate the left elbow towards the knee. Alternate.

  • Plank Walk to Pushup

Start in a plank position with the hands under shoulders and feet together.  Place the left hand next to the right hand as you spread the right foot about hip-width from left foot. Move to the right for two feet and then lower into a pushup.  Repeat to the opposite side.

  • Squat to Lunge

Start with the feet shoulder-width apart, knees bent, and the hips lowered to into a squatting position. Move the left leg back and bend the knee.  Keep the upper body and the right shin parallel as much as possible.  Return to squatting position and repeat.

  • Jab-Cross

Begin with the feet staggered, knees bent, hips angled slightly to right side, and the fists at chin level. Punch straight with the left hand.  As you rotate the right foot forward, punch straight out with the right first while rotating the palm. Continue for fifteen seconds, switch feet starting position and repeat.

  • High Knees

Begin with the elbows bent, shoulders relaxed, moving into a slow- to fast-paced jogging motion. Keeping a jogging motion, lift the knees higher until the leg is at a 90-degree angle.

  • Double Crunch

Lie flat on the surface with the arms fully extended overhead.  Tighten the abdominal area and lift the back up as you move the knees in the chest.  Then, sweep arms low to the floor as you touch the feet or hold the shins. Go back to the original position and repeat.

  • Pushup to Kick -Over

Begin in a plank position with the hands under shoulders and the feet hip-width apart.  Lift the left hand as you extend the arm. Sweep right leg underneath the body and move it in a kicking motion to the other side.  Go back to the original position and lower the body in a pushup.  Alternate. Repeat.

  • Side Lunge to Jump

Begin in a standing position, with the right leg placed two shoulder-widths apart from the right shoulder.  The hands should be kept together, and the elbows bent.  With the feet facing forward, lower the hips as you bend the right knee and keep the left leg straight. 

Step back with the right leg and stand.  Then, jump and raise the hands’ overheads, simultaneously.  This is one repetition.  Alternate. Repeat.