12 Things To Never Say “I’m Sorry” For

Have you noticed that more and more people are spending most of their time critiquing others? Unfortunately, the world we live in in has more people criticizing others than ever!

Still, you don`t owe anyone any explanation for your choices or lifestyle. You don’t have to give away your power to others by saying sorry. Your happiness is what matters the most. If you live happily, you don’t have to feel ashamed or say sorry to anyone.

12 Things To Never Say “I’m Sorry” For

  • Making yourself a priority in your life

As no once can offer the happiness that you can give to yourself, it is completely acceptable, and necessary, to make your own happiness and fluffiest a priority.  We have responsibility for how to choose to live our lives, and only by prioritizing our needs can we ever help others as well.

  • Following your dreams

Wanting more in life means that you have dreams and goal you want to fulfill.  This doesn’t make you spoiled or ungrateful.   While others may see you as a dreamer, don’t settle for less than you deserve and that you are capable of.   Go after your goals with all your heart, without saying sorry for it!

  • Making time for you

Contrary to society`s belief, self-care isn’t selfish. In fact, it is necessary for our health.  Take the time you need to relax and satisfy your own needs, without apologizing for taking no to someone or turning down their invitation.

  • Who you choose to date

No one else can determine if you like guys, girls, or both but you! Feel free to date whoever you want to and don’t let anyone make you feel ashamed for it. 

  • Expressing emotions

Don’t let others tell you that you can`t express yourself! Even though we live in a society where people generally feel uncomfortable expressing themselves, you shouldn’t be one of them.  Emotion-shaming is a big no-no!

  • How you earn money

Anything that keeps your pocket full and makes you feel fulfilled is enough, so don’t let others let you feel like it isn’t.  Don’t say sorry for the way you earn your money, as long as it makes you feel mentally and emotionally satisfied.

  • Your opinions

If you have an opinion, express it, even it seems to be far from the popular choice.  You can still respect a person without agreeing with them, though!

  • Challenging the mainstream

Everyone deserves to live the life they want without feeling the need to apologize for it. If you are unlike the mainstream; if you want to eat local, use food as medicine, teach your children love instead of what`s on TV, or choose to homeschool them, don’t be sorry for that!

  • Striving for more!

Having many goals is not a bad thing.  Quite the opposite, it makes you ambitious.   Don’t worry about what others think about you, always strive for more and work towards fulling your goals while you still can.

  • Your diet

Don’t let others dictate your eating habits, as you know what makes you feel best, right? From meat-eaters to vegans, everyone believes they know the best diet for humans.   However, only you can decide for yourself, not anyone else.

  • Your past

While other criticized you and your life, you had experiences and learned from them! At the end of the day, we only have our memories and experiences to go on, so don’t let others make you feel sorry for your past.

  • Being optimistic

Staying positive in difficult times makes us more resilient and more capable of dealing with challenges.  People constantly tell us to “expect the best but prepare for the worst,” but the benefits of positive thinking are undeniable.