11 Habits that Create Positive Relationships

What is a habit? How would you define it? Generally speaking, a habit is a routine behavior done regularly, mostly innocuously. The exact definition though is as follows:

“a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.”

Once formed and rooted in your being, habits are quite difficult to break.  This includes habits which are practiced in relationship, positive or negative. Needless to say, positive habits are the base of any positive relationship.  Good habits create and keep healthy, strong relationships. On the other hand, when bad habits are present, the relationship is challenged.

11 Habits that Create Positive Relationships

  • Being respectful to each other

Respect is crucial in any positive relationship as it builds trust and shows acceptance.  On the flip side, disrespect weakens trust and creates barriers in your connection, leading to negative consequences.

  • Finding humor in each other`s mistakes

While relationships are a serious thing, this doesn’t mean that you should be serious all the time.  Mistakes are normal part of any relationship, so are moments of dumbness.  Learn to accept them and laugh about them together.

  • Working together on goals

Lack of progress in a relationship leads to regret and unhappiness. It is very important to have a healthy communication and to openly talk about future plans and goals. Most importantly, forget about success and progress as society defines them; instead, focus on what makes you as a couple happy and fulfilled.

  • Surprising your partner

Feelings of routines is something you want to avoid in a relationship.  Spontaneity is fun, healthy, and creates feelings of fun and appreciation.  Surprises can be small or large, but you should always try to do something special.  There are plenty of ideas out there.

  • Frequent affection

It has been scientifically proven that people in healthy relationships are extremely affectionate toward each other. Affection is important as it strengthens trust and bond, ultimately creating a stronger connection with each other.

  • Forgiving shortcomings

Perfection doesn’t exist! Love is not about finding someone that is perfect but finding a person that is perfect for you.  To be in a strong and healthy relationships means accepting personal flows and forgiving shortcomings.

  • Taking some time apart

As odd as it may seem, taking some time apart deepens the appreciation and love for each other. When tiny issues and frustrations occur, time apart can be productive and healthy.

  • Staying connected through the day

Having a healthy relationship means showing affection when apart from each other.  When you commit to a person, you make that person priority in your life! So, don’t forget to call your partner on the way to work, on break, and on the way home.

  • Recognizing and appreciating qualities

Appreciating your partner`s qualities deepens the emotional connection between you two.  Showing admiration of your partner`s strengths and positive attributes will eventually make your bond inseparable.

  • Responding to each other

Did you know that around 86% of happy couples respond to their partners bid for attention, while 30% of unhappy couples do the same?  You can show your attention by doing simple things like bringing something on the way home or responding them when they ask.

  • Eliminating distractions when with your partner

Allowing distractions to interrupt your time alone is damaging because it affects intimacy with your partner.  Preoccupation with work is one of the major distractions!  A good tip to follow: leave your phone off when spending time alone and turn of the TV when having dinner.