10 Things You Need to Know if You Love a Scorpio

The Scorpio is the 8th sign of the zodiac and it is one of the most misunderstood signs out there.  People born of this sign are known for their great capacity for protectiveness, so they often sting when something threatens their loved ones.

Loving a Scorpio is not always easy as they hide many different layers from the world. This isn’t degrading to anyone, but it is because most Scorpios are protective of their hearts and who they choose to let in.  They don’t trust easily and are likely to have smaller circles of friends compared to people of other signs.

10 Things You Need to Know if You Love a Scorpio

  • Loyalty is everything

Being loyal is extremely important to a Scorpio! To break their loyalty to a person or cause means that that situation or person has crossed a line or done something unforgivable.

Scorpios don’t forgive easily and never forget! In care occasions you can be lucky to be forgiven, but don’t expect them to be as close to you as they were before.

  • They are passionate

Passion is what Scorpios live off, whether it is passion for doing a sport that would turn a hobby in a business or fighting for a political cause.  Living with a Scorpio means living a life that is filled with adventure, so make sure you can keep up for you will never be bored.

  • Sexuality is the same as an emotion

Scorpios are sensual and passionate beings. Flirting, seducing, sex and the feelings that come with them are extremely important to them.  They take sex very seriously and are the best in bed out of all zodiac sigs.

If they are having difficulties communicating with their partner, sex can translate what they are having problem saying.

  • Insecurities get to them

As they have difficulty trusting people, this allows insecurities to get to them.   They are protective of their hearts and would rather guard their hearts than to try a relationship that could end badly.  Don’t take any offence of this, they are just trying to protect themselves from a heartbreak that could be avoided.

  • Mystery is in their blood

Scorpio is surrounded by mystery, and for a good reason.  People of this zodiac sign are both interested in mysteries of life and having mystery surround themselves.  Others often see them as a locked box due to them having their walls up to protect their hearts.

  • They like a challenge

Scorpios cannot stand not having something that challenges them. Whether it is in their personal life family life, or personal life, they don’t accept settling.  They love challenges, and don’t give up at an any cost.  If they fail, they can always try again. 

  • Just listen to them

A Scorpio always speaks their mind and will be straightforward about it often. However, when it comes to relationships, they take a significant amount of time thinking about how they feel and how to tell the person they care for.  For them, it is better to take some time to come up with the right words to convey their emotions than rushing things and messing up.

  • Protective is an understatement

Scorpios are not only loyal to their family and friends but are also extremely protective of them. Once you are in their small circle of loved ones, you are being under their protection, whether you like it or not.

  • They have a stinger- betrayers beware

Although Scorpios are overprotective of their loved ones, they are extremely unforgiving too.  Once they feel betrayed, their will confront the person who deceived them.   Forgiveness is something foreign for them and they are rarely willing to do.

  • They take their independence seriously

Scorpios are dominant and sometimes even overbearing.  They take their independence very seriously and don’t rely on others to get what they want.  In fact, they are more into offering help to others than asking for the help they need themselves.