10 Things to Expect When You’re Friends with a Libra

Libra is the 7th sign of the 12 zodiac signs and it rules from September 23-October 22.  When most people think of Libra they think of happiness, justice, and balance. People of this sign have all the qualities anyone could want in a companion.  As a friend, Libra is true to the end and always there where needed. 

If you already are or want to be friend of a Libra, consider the things below!

  • Confrontation is a no-no

Libras are very honest and have no problem telling you what`s wrong and how it can be changed for the better.  What they do have problem with is confrontation.  They literally hate it!

If you two have a situation, expect it to be one-on-one after some time has been taken to think about it. They avoid confrontation and prefer being distant for some time or until they are ready to talk about it.

  • Loyalty is a priority!

Not only do Libras believe in loyalty, but they also expect it to be given in return.   Therefore, many people born under this sign can give second chances to those who don’t deserve them.   They forgive very easily and let it fade in the past.  In fact, unlike other signs, they forgive completely without holding grudges due to the nature abilities this sign carries.

  • They want to help the world

Libras want to help the world, so they are inclined to choose careers like nursing and teaching.  This shouldn’t come to surprise to those who have the pleasure of knowing a Libra.

Be prepared that they are willing to help you as well in anything you need. They will push you to fulfill your goals and go for that job offer if it would mean helping you grow as a person.

  • Love to make people happy

Libras love making others happy, which creates a feel-good vibe around them that people pick up on and want to be around.

The Libra sign falls into the “social butterfly” category, which is not surprising at all.  When they are around people, you can always find them talking to everyone and anyone a if they were old friends when they just met few minutes earlier.

  • Peace to all

Having a loyal friendship is a very rare gift these days.  It has been scientifically proven that friendship positively affects both mental and physical health.  Not only it relieves stress, friendship has been associated with the feeling of being safe.

Libras are a great example of the benefits that friendship has, as they are all about peace.  Don’t be surprised if they check it on you more than normal when you are going through something bad, such as divorce of death in the family.

  • Harmony

Libras take friendship very seriously and are willing to accept both good qualities and flaws.  Talking behind your back is not their style. On the other hand, they will stick for you when others speak ill of you when you aren’t present.

  • They love beauty

Libras see the beauty in everything, which makes having a friendship with them pretty interesting.  They don’t mind spending plenty of time seeing things from all sides to see the big picture, which allows them seeing things that can otherwise go amiss. There is a beauty to everything, even the bad or the sad.

  • They love adventure

Libras are highly adventurous, so travelling to new countries and visiting popular tourist sights is common for them.  Some of them are more into museums or operas while others prefer popular clubs or activities like sky diving. Whatever adventure they consider exciting they will do it as much as their wallet and time will allow them to.

  • They prefer balance to the chaos

Although their sense of adventure may seem like they can be all over the place, the truth is that they prefer balance to chaos.  If they don’t have balance in an area of their life, it drives them crazy. They tend to have a well-balanced diet, a balance between family life and career, and balance between time with friends to time at home alone.

  • They prefer to work as a team

If needed, they can work independently and get the job done, but they do prefer to work as a team. How would this apply to your friendship, you will ask? Well, their team spirit means that they would be working night and day to reduce your stress no matter the reasons for it.