10 Things Money Can’t Buy

You will probably agree that when a person reaches a certain age, they start to realize the importance of money.  Money cannot buy happiness, but it does provide some security though. After all, being poor isn’t something a person strives to attain.

There isn’t anything wrong with having money.  But, it`s wrong to make an accumulation of money at all costs a priority.  It is in this pursuit that many people realize that money isn’t and never will be the key to happiness. 

Just look to Hollywood… How many successful celebrities have destroyed themselves due to addictions like alcohol and drugs, or depression?  Obviously, money can`t buy happiness. Let`s see what else can money not buy…

  • Love

While money can buy attraction and lust, it can`t buy love! Why? Because love is something mysterious; something intimate; something pure.  Money is none of these.   It`s simply a method of exchange, used to pay for a service or product.  It`s comfort, convenience, and luxury….

  • Truth

Money may buy influence, but the truth is the most influential of all, isn’t it?  Money is often spent on an agenda or to create biased research to support an opinion.  It may win in the short term, but no matter how much money is spent on distorting the truth, it will be revealed in the end.

  • Knowledge

The information you gather, the knowledge you acquire, and the way you exhibit wisdom can never be bought!  Some of the richest people sometimes act in the most foolish way, as money or something else has affected their thought process.  It`s not only the acquisition of knowledge that matters, but its practical application as well, neither of which money can buy!

  • Manners

Treating someone respectfully has nothing to do with money. As a matter of fact, there are more wealthy snobs than there are those of modest means.  While money may put you into a “higher class”, it doesn’t make you classy!

  • Talent

Money can help develop a talent, but it definitely cannot purchase one! The abilities that you possess in your body and mind are priceless.  They will never be purchasable, as they are invaluable!

  • Peace

Did you know that the only thing that will bring true peace is the cultivation of your thoughts? And, accepting bad things as lessons and turning them into a positive experience is one aspect of this. 

Governments and individuals have spent a fortune in the name of peace, but none of that comes close to what we define as peaceful.

  • Time

As depressing as it seems, our life begins to fade away from the moment we are born.  Wealthy people have spent vast sums in an attempt to extend their life, but despite all of the medical and scientific advances, there is no way to significantly extend life!  No amount of money can turn the clocks back.

  • Health

Money can buy healthcare and medicine, but it cannot replace natural health once it is gone. On the other hand, preventative medicine and natural self-care costs little to nothing.

  • Presence and Acceptance

Presence, the ability to be present, and acceptance, the ability to accept without judgment, are extremely important.  This gift isn’t available for purchase, but only to those who want to understand and apply the concepts.

  • True friends

While having money can attract people who want to be friends, this doesn’t guarantee true friendship.  Money and possessions don’t matter to true friends… your person does!  The same concept as discussed for money and love applies here.