10 Reasons Why Friends Are The Family We Choose

Real friends are the family we choose, aren’t they? They are always there for us and accept us for who we are, regardless of our flaws.

Real friends are the family we choose, aren’t they?  They are always there for us and accept us for who we are, regardless of our flaws.

You will probably agree that having such a reliable person in your life is a blessing. These days it is difficult to find a person who will love you no matter what and will always have your best interest at heart.

Below are 10 reasons why true friends are indeed the greatest fortune we have:

  • They are your unpaid therapists

A friend can listen to your problems countless times without getting annoyed by you or judging you.  They will offer a shoulder to cry on as well as a sincere piece of advice.

  • They are always honest

A true friend will be the first person to tell you that you have done something wrong. If they appreciate you, they will be sincere and will tell you the truth, no matter how much it hurts. Integrity and authenticity are the two major characteristics of a genuine friend.

  • There is no drama involved

With a true friend, there aren’t any meaningless arguments or quarrels.  There is no drama involved. Spending time with them is comforting, and completely stress-free.

  • They are always there for you

You know that your friend will always have time, love, and support for you, no matter what. Even if you call them at 4 a.m., to talk about something that has been troubling you, they will pick up and listen to you.  Their loves comes from their heart, not their needs or moods.

  • You are always together

You and your best friends are turning into twins because you are always together. You are so used to one another, that even if you spend days and days together, you will not get enough of each other`s company. You will never get bored. 

  • They are extremely supportive

True friends are unconditionally supportive! They will always support you and encourage you to chase your dreams, work on your goals, and never give up. They always know how to find a way to put a smile on your face when you are feeling down.

  • You have amazing memories together

Your friends have been with you for many years and through many different phases of your life. You have been learning, hurting, and loving side by side.  And, during this time, you have created amazing memories together.

  • You have the best inside jokes

You have been together through thick and thin and you have countless of jokes only you get. No one understands your humor better than your friends.  It takes a word or a funny sound which reminds you of a funny moment for you to burst into laughter.

  • They know all of your embarrassing moments

Remember the time you got so drunk and fell down the stairs? Your best friends do! They have seen too much of you, and this is what makes them irreplaceable.

  • You actually get to choose them

The connection you two have can be stronger than the one with your family members.  Why? Because you get to choose them, instead of being stuck with them.  A small circle of true friends is better than large family!