10 Behaviors That Keep People From Finding Relationships That Work

Are you having difficulty finding a partner? Sometimes, our own behavior might be self-sabotaging, without even being aware of it.  Here are 10 behaviors that keep you from finding a relationship that really works! Don’t let these sneaky behaviors torpedo your potential relationship!

  • You`ve let to heal from the hurt from your childhood

Did you know that the way you bond with a partner has much to do with what you have learned about love as a child? If you had had a rough childhood, it takes a lot of healing before finding a relationship that works.

Psychologists have found that people with anxious or avoidant attachment styles had fewer positive emotions in their relationships. Partners with secure attachment styles were the ones who had the most positive emotions and the least negative emotions during their relationships.

  • You find it hard to trust

Exposing yourself to a potential risk of getting emotionally hurt can be difficult, but sometimes you just have to take that risk if you want a payoff.  After all, it is better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all, isn’t it?

  • You keep repeating the same pattern in a relationship

Repeating the old pattern of a toxic and unhealthy relationship behavior prevents you from being in a relationship that really works.  You need to understand that living in the past will not work for you and that negative habits don’t serve you.

  • You think that you should give up who you are in a relationship

Many people tend to sacrifice their personality for a partner, and this is a huge mistake.  You should never let this happen because everyone deserves a possibility of love where they can be themselves and still be in a healthy relationship.

  • You`re pursuing someone who isn’t single

If you are tying with a person who simply isn’t available, you are basically spending your time and losing the chance to find someone who is looking for you.

  • You`re afraid of what would happen if you did find the right person

This behavior is quite common among people who are single, whether it is out of fear of losing their freedom or losing the potential for another partner who could be even better.  Often, it is a fear of success which keeps them from true love.

  • Low Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem might be the reason why you have difficulty finding a relationship that works.  It is difficult to love someone and be loved if you are not loving you yourself in the first place.  Focus on yourself for some time and then look for a partner.

  • Love had made you jaded

If you are full of regret and negativity from the past, this resentment will keep you from finding a relationship that works.  No one wants to be in a relationship with a person who is only focused on the negative side of life.  Learn from past mistakes, grow, and open yourself to positives.

  • Your standards are too high

Looking for a partner who is out of your league is one of the reasons why you haven’t found a relationship that works.  Also, you might be looking for a person who would have absolutely no reason o find value in you as a romantic partner.

  • You apply the deal-breaker rule to every date

Labeling one`s negative behavior and ignoring their positive traits is not giving them a fair deal and it is likely that it is keeping you from finding a relationship that works.  You are not perfect either, so giving your date deal-breaker status based on their negative traits only is totally unfair.